The everlasting rose is a widely accepted symbol of romantic love. Its symbolism of beauty has historically been a gift that denotes not only admiration, but burgeoning passion. With the spirit of true love, a single rose speaks a thousand words. Imagine how much a perfect, everlasting rose in a jar coated to preserve its eternal glory can express to your loved ones.


Getting rid of your bridal bouquet after it withers is disheartening. No bride should have to dispose such an important memory! Marvel at the beauty and memory of your special day for years to come with everlasting natural roses that are included in this collection. Everlasting roses are real roses. They are stabilized through a process that started in the eighties. By stabilizing fresh roses, they last for up to 3 years and they keep their natural beauty and softness.


The process is only applied to the best roses. Once they reach the peak of their development stage, they are treated with advanced technical process that replaces the natural sap with a liquid mixture of dye, glycerine and water. The final product give a fresh looking everlasting natural rose that maintains its beauty, softness, and strong color. In contrast to real roses, everlasting roses do not require sunlight, water or other care. Everlasting roses in a jar are very popular among florists, designers and window-dressers. They are seen regularly at weddings where they are used as attractive table decoration.


No maintenance or special care is required, so your loved one can treasure the gift every day. Do not water or remove the roses from their container. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and keep them in a room temperature environment.


Finding just the right gift idea that he/she will not only appreciate, but also convey your true intentions can be hard. Show your respect and admiration for your love by presenting him/her with something that encapsulates all the elements of true romance, feelings, and deepest respect. A single real rose is a lovely present to receive but an everlasting real rose is of deeper significance. Each single everlasting rose, is the best way to convey a message of love on the day it is given, into the future. Could there be any other gift that could mean as much? Whether for a Christmas, Valentine’s Day, wedding, birthday or to celebrate the first year of marriage, our everlasting rose in a jar UK is sure to make the event truly memorable.

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